The Christmas countdown is really underway now

Hello again

Where does time go when you get older? I can’t believe it’s November already, it feels like I had only just sent out the last newsletter. But then I look back at what’s happened over the past month and see what a lot has been going on. So there’s plenty to tell you about what we’ve got planned for the next few months.

We started October with a lovely weekend away with a group of friends for a posh charity dinner. It had been planned two years ago and, of course, postponed. But at last it could happen, everyone was able to come and we all had a great time; it was the first time we’d all been together for more than 18 months, which made it even more special.

Unfortunately another planned trip last weekend couldn’t happen. However that gave me more sewing time and I’ve now finally managed to get samples made up of all the Christmas panels, plus I made myself a couple of new dresses in styles I hadn’t tried before, including the one below.

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